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I’d be his, if he asked. – Six Word Story (via allineedissix)

If only this would actually happen

(via wannnnabeslut)

'There's no need for heartbreak warfare. It's called 'I love you' — 'I love you too'. 'I need more love' — 'You got more love', and you can get through life like that. Shouldn't you just on days where you want more love be like 'I had a bad dream that you were sleeping around, it's really irrational, but just love me extra today'. Why can't we just have this thing where you just say 'Just love me extra today'. If I was with somebody and they said 'Love me extra today', I would love them extra forever.' – John Mayer, Atlanta, 2010. (via lookandlisteng)
Black eyeliner. It’s standard. It’s all you need. It just makes the world a better place. Marilyn Manson  (via ladycube)

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